back to the good o' days { Saturday, January 19, 2013 @ 11:59 PM }

well pardon my previous nonsensical post since it was really late and i was really exhausted. LOL;x

oh wells. but yeah here to talk about my yankee challenge! how i love it when i was in year 6 back in rvhs when i tried it and failed horribly. XD lets take a look at the post at that point of time..

hi people! new mth! ohdear.. so long since i last blog.. too busy playing pokemon this weekend..x= LOL okaeee.. yea no childhood sia now den start pllaying pokemon emerald.. D= so sad la.. den den.. eh yeah today labour day hols.. but didnt do anth except stayhome lag and pokemon and revise for my double tests on tues and wed.. D= so sad.. actually was going to hapsburg outing de nia.. end up my mum oso at home so no go..D= so sad.. wan me pei her.. emoooo.. x.x alright nvm.. den den besides this.. this weekend ma.. went istana on 1st may openhouse!XDDD okaeee.. den watched movie and lagg and home-ed as usuall.. was.. very warm that day ba.. so yeah.. =x hothothot global warming very active recently uh.. so warm.. x.x okaeee.. ohya.. this tues went to challenge de YANKEE BURGER CHALLENGE!=oooooo de most TERRIFYING.. HORRIFYING.. FOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD..=x LOL! yea so obviously it was a almost immpossible challenge and i FAILED.XD but was fun challenging den all de guys looking at me eating..XDDDDDD u knw u knw.. it's de TERRIBLE HORRIBLE VEGETABLE fries that i cant finish nt de burger okae!=x nahh.. after all thr's 800g of fries and 600grammes of beef.. de burger is 8inch in diameter and abt 6~7cm thick.. fries was eh.. a REALLY BIG plate ba.. i meant tray.. a REALLY BIG TRAY..=.= lol.. so end up left abt half de fries and gotta pay 32bucks..D= de 6D guys helped me tank abit.. yeah.. was really fun. lol.. nv try that again sia.. since after i finish i vomitted quite abit of fries since i cant take de oil and for de next few days i became vegetarian to help my stomach to recover..XD kaez.. so yeah.. wht a interesting week. didnt knw so much happened until i blogged sia.. ohyaohya.. wed gt econs test.. DDD= emo econs has been forever starting with E so yeah.. shld be abt thr.. nvm.. kaez so jiayous to me for tmr's gp ba.. now go read some gp notes and sample AQs ba. bbyes ppl!=)
posted on 3rd May 2010
LOL aint it totally hilarious? and to imagine that i finally completed the challenge. LOL. what has NS turn me into!XD

well guess the visit back to rv wasnt wasted huh!XD. really missed rv when i visited it last wed. it was still the same old feeling as a school, yet i see all new faces for both students and teachers. still can vividly rmb all the funny things we did as a class and as a bunch of students. it seems that high school was just yesterday. it's just great to visit all the old memories and to think abt how.. child-liked u were just 3 years ago. so much have changed. i wonder is it just me or is it just life. well, one thing is for sure..

shortened lifespan. D; { Friday, January 18, 2013 @ 1:26 AM }

Gosh with Yankee challenge yesterday and alcohol till 12am today, i strongly believe that i have successfully shortened my lifespan by a year at least. D; first post of the year btw. happy new year wahahahhah!

PS. Please pardon me for grumbling rubbish.;x
HAPPY BOXING DAY { Friday, December 28, 2012 @ 1:25 AM }

GOSH I TOTALLY FORGOT ABT THIS POST! just please forgive me and let me conclude my ns days since i've never blogged since ord!D; as i've been stuck up in much stuff after i ord man.. finally got a chance to get a life, and i got too much of it..-.- went overseas like twice in 2 weeks, found a job, got drunk on x'mas night, gosh what more could i ask for in life with great friends of mine! XD

oh well this is getting no where. actually i wanted to do a ns life reflection here! well people have been posting much abt ns on fb, with nice photos, great inspirational writeups and stuff but hey each and every individual's experience is different so i shld share abt mine as well!;D

take NS positively since 'it's not about what you are about to lose, but what you will be gaining ahead!'XD yep the super uber big banner right at the entrance of pulau tekong. but what u will be gaining.. it's not pleasure and it wont be easy! that's when all the trg come into place. it was really awesome becoming a soldier. bmt wasnt that tough but aint easy either. learn to understand whats best for u and achieve what u aim to get! try for ur best and test ur limits, now it's the time!

army is a people oriented place, so anywhere u go, u'll just see ppl, ppl, ppl and more ppl. no matter where u are, u'll get in touch with all walks of life in singapore. the rich, the richer, the richest, the smart, the not so smart, the fat, the fatttttttt, the scumbag, the jerks, the nice guys, the gays... eh okay enough, lets just say there are really all kinda people. im really glad to have been to ocs where i met with so many wonderful people of my age and of cos my posting in gsab hq to learn from my co and the commanders. learning directly from them has been a great lesson for the past 1year 10mths! this will never stop wherever u go, but it will definitely be different no matter where u are. so take hold of this opportunity to experience the society, after all it's the place where all males have to go through.

it's never about who u are! yep it's abt brotherhood, it's abt friendship, it's abt helping one another and standing by each other when things get tough. after taking care of oneself, it's the 上刀山,下火海,在所不辞 spirit for your buddy or friends! lol sounds so pugilistic but hey! u may never know when u may be the one needing the help!

now it's all about u! well i mean learning about urself. it's abt personal mastery and self development. know what it takes to break ur limit and take time to understand urself. i feel 2 years abit too long for this but hey, better now than during schl days when ure doing hw + dating + i dont know what else college students do.XD being the way u are, staying confident to be who u want to be, understanding more abt urself, it'll be a astonishing thing to do once u learn more abt urself!

last but not the least, YOLO! so put ur best foot forward and ask urself, what do u wann to become 2 years down the road? what do u want to see in the mirror? is this the life u want to live? cos u only live once and gotta live it good! regrets.. yes maybe a few, but make sure they are too few to be remembered!

yeah NS is full 2 years or 1yr 10mths of ur life. do the best and get the best out of it. it's all abt attitude which determines ur aptitude. it's never a easy ride, but it can definitely be a fulfilling one!


hey people sorry for the long absence but u know what they always say! absence just makes the heart grows fonder!;D

well yeah finally did smth that i was longggggg supposed to do in army.. TO REMOVE MY WISDOM TEETH.-.- but hey at least it's out right? all 4 of them at a go.'s quite painful after it's out. but bearable ba i would say.

today's quite a bad day since i was on liquid diet?D; totally cant really chew, had fish soup for lunch which took me almost 45min to finish 1 bowl..-.- and i was feeling so hungry just now cant help but to eat some cookies and bread. LOL so much for liquid diet.XD (DAMN MY GUM IS BLEEDING. D;)

it's okay, lets be random. i just realise that i say alot of 'it's okay..' i mean whattttttt? i realise that actually i do say alot of that and i didnt know it?! LOL! not a very nice catch phrase huh? perhaps i m just shy, or perhaps i m just indecisive and super slow lagger. hai why i so negative today.. lol.

anyway less the wisdom teeth, im without wisdom now. so guess it's alright to be dumb and negative for a moment. just had quite a bad day with mundane work and rather feel like a failed yi ge only. gosh so long since im so tired and emo, perhaps it's the weariness that gt me so emo. alright thats that sayonaras.
running.. away? { Tuesday, December 04, 2012 @ 11:21 AM }

i'm so sorry man! gosh it's been forever since i last blogged!D; aiya so many things have happened within this.. half a month? and gosh army is coming to an end!o.O

oh wells lets take things a step at a time. i'll just blog abt my stand chart marathon!;D yep it was AWESOME with great scenery and fun runners! though it's my virgin marathon, and i wasnt planning to continue running it on subsequent years.. somehow the passion of running caught on to me!D; lols. guess i'll sign up for the sundown next year as well..;x

the training for this marathon wasnt easy as well! took quite some effort and time clocking distance.. from running around my friendly neighborhood to loops around NTU to all the way from home till CBD then till tanah merah.. gosh some progress that was. and it all comes down to the final day at SCMS. well, i still gotta say that i dont really enjoy running wholeheartedly.;x

during the different runs i had, there were always reasons and excuses that are so so SO tempting for me. gosh those were the days.

'having meeting/outing/blah blah blah the next day'

'muscle aching le.. need to rest!'

'so late already still run, later tmr cant wake up!'

'it's just a miss, wont do much harm'

LOL! how creative im in finding reasons and excuses to get myself out of the pain! gosh.. some were pretty terrible, but it's really an accomplishment not falling for most of them as well!(well i did say most..;x) this totally reminded me of another advertisement that i saw recently on smoking, think was an initiative done by the thais. hmm.. lets see if i can find it...... ah ha!

yep i guess it's this one! pretty awesome actually. just like the advertisement, most of the smokers do know the consequences of smoking.. but then why do they still smoke?D;

well perhaps we have too many excuses and reasons to pamper ourselves. perhaps we are too focused on the short term gains than the long term benefits. perhaps we are just not motivated enough by ourselves.. and by others.. or perhaps we're just running away from the truth we feared so much.. gosh! u get the point lah?

so yep guess this is really a interesting problem. hmm.. well, we all know the right answer ourselves deep down in the bottom of our heart, but the different layers of events and situation often blinds us from it. how about sitting down one day, enjoying a peaceful tuesday morning with a cup of your favorite drink?;x and think. maybe u'll find your answer?;D

oh wells or you can just spend it playing Assassin's Creed 3! Connor is really as good as Ezio huh..XD and it's really FUN!;DDD

tired but satisfied { Friday, November 16, 2012 @ 1:06 AM }

yes. it is hard to always achieve your aim. That's why you have to FIGHT for it. That's why there are so many obstacles in your life awaiting for you.

It is because you care and GAS about it. ( In case u didnt knw, GAS = give a shit )

So don't ever give in when difficulties arrives. THINK, whether this is what you want and stay true to yourself.

Don't yield to it just because it is too troublesome or 'not worth it'. it's just an act of a COWARD.

'cause in the end, what you and i are fighting for, is nothing but for yourself. To win and conquer this battle, only you will realize what the meaning behind this victory is. Don't ever lose yourself..

lalalala~ i just got back my marksman!;D
life as a nsf officer { Tuesday, November 06, 2012 @ 12:34 AM }

Today's such a eventful day. the day when i totally got trolled. the day when i got to practice mobilization.. -.-

yes totally so this is what happened.

1645HRS: just managed to reach home from DSTA. gosh finally finished all the DSTA courses which i actually pretty much enjoyed them since i'm kinda into engineering. but yay nonetheless, a good day to take a  break and do some jogging before the evening!

1700HRS: 'Hello sir, where are u? s3 ask u come back to camp now." ( WTF? omg smth serious uh?)

'Hi sir, u were looking for me? is it abt the -CLASSIFIED TEXTS-? can ask the trg guys to help me as i've smth on later in the night.'

'ah yes yes u come back now need u make some changes to the -CLASSIFIED TEXTS-' (holy shit i hope this better be smth impt!)

1705HRS: changed and rushed down the flat just to hitch a cab.

1730HRS: rushed out of cab just to run my way to office. seeing my man falling out and waiting for gabriel to fill me up with the eventful day - wtf happened?

1735HRS: seated in BCR listening to debrief and thinking about what im supposed to do later and what abt the things i've later on at night.

1815HRS: made to leave the BCR. (alright they need some time on their own)

1830HRS: alright i'll be doing it tmr, thanks for coming back!-.-

yes life of  a nsf officer, to suck it up more than others and yet still loving it.

haha actually it was alright la. i mean it's call of duty right i cant turn it down and at least im taking things seriously right? LOL self-praising..XD gosh im so humourous. alright time to slp enough complains and whinings. nights people!
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